Yogarhythm Welcomes You!

The Yogarhythm concept invites you to flex your body and mind. Our mission statement is to promote mental health, physical health, relaxation and harmony. We strive to discover the boundless opportunities that lie within you.
Yogarhythm allows you to connect to your body through yoga and other activities. Regardless of your age, work, or physical constraints, we encourage active relaxation. The Yogarhythm studio offers Yoga, Pilates, and Dance classes, with special classes tailored for pregnant ladies, mums & tots and the over 50s. Ballet classes are also available for children.
Traditional methods of practice are available, as well as more modern, innovative styles, inspired by sports science (Reebok University Poland and Instytut Dynamiki Tanca i Ruchu w Essen). You will find a friendly atmosphere, practice in small groups which allows for increased attention according to individuals' needs. Quality matters more than quantity and this is why we rely on the international standards set by the best teachers in the industry.